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RUIDO (Installation), 2023

In RUIDO (Installation), we will attend a foley simulation (creating sounds for movies). In this installation, users will be able to be part of a film, incorporating whatever they wish into its sound space, becoming both spectators and narrators at the same time.


In RUIDO, (Installation), spectators are invited to gather around a campfire, the cradle of imagination and stories. It places us before a silence that needs to be filled. Although in this case, the light does not come from the flames of a campfire, but from the lens of a projector, and the play of shadows and fictions that are reinvented does not correspond so much to the corporeality of live arts as to the artifice of cinema.

Direction & autorship: Nico Jongen

Technical coordination: Gabriela Bianchi

Foley assistant: Marta Monistrol

Production direction: Laura Viñals

This installation has been created from the stage pice RUIDO, whose team is composed of:

Direction & autorship: Nico Jongen
Performers: Núria Martínez Vernis & Juan Navarro
Space & costume design: Mariona Signes

Lights: Marc Salicrú

Music and sound design: Aurora Bauzà

Technical coordination: Gabriela Bianchi
Dramaturgy: Roberto Fratini

Foley assistant: Marta Monistrol
Movement accompaniment: Joaquín Collado

Photography: Sílvia Poch 

Administration: Roser Casamayor
Production direction: Laura Viñals


Acknowledgments: Pepita Magriñà

Coproduced by TNT Festival (Terrassa),  Teatre Lliure Barcelona & Ça marche

Ça marche is resident artist at Nau Ivanow.

With the support of Campo Gent, l'Abri Genève.




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