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Ça marche is a Barcelona-based live arts company founded in 2015, constituted by Nico Jongen & Laura Viñals. Our focus is to develop signature scenic pieces that take up from the necessary dialogue between theatre, performance art and dance. We aim towards finding a distinctive form capable of talking about our contemporaneity: dealing with its irreconcilable contradictions and derives. In our projects we try to revise the relationship between craftsmanship, technique, ready-mades and common references. Projects that reflect, in one hand, around the childhood’s frame and its contradictions and, in the other hand, around the subversive political potential that is proper to the non-professional body. We think that only by recognizing the current writing of bodies, gestures and discourses, by referring them as live documents, we will be able to stylize and frame them. Some of our scenic projects are Cantus gestualis #Introitus (2022)Los figurantes (2021) and The son’s trilogy [Ça va (2016), Ta gueule (2017), Silence (2017)].


At Ça marche we have a strong interest in linking auteur scenic creation with the local audience. With the aforementioned objective, we have developed a type of creation and acting work very interested in the “body document”, that is, in the bodies and amateur, untrained performers that we mentioned above. The performers of our pieces are, specifically, children and elderly people who work with the members of our company and  put meaning to the piece, adding their corporal and experiential material, the texture of each city and each person. This reactivates the existing links between cultural associations, and reinforces the relationship and visibility of the festival or season where we are presenting the project. 


Interested in other artistic areas, the company has also designed Los figurantes  (Video installation) [2021], coproduced and premiered at TNT Festival Terrassa and the site-specific Godmar (2018) in collaboration with the dance company Antes Collado, a close associate of Ça marche, with whom we also created in 2019 the piece The cave sleeps (With that rock on top), working with 4 elderly ladies from the city of Valencia (Spain) around the idea of “heritage”. 


In July 2022 we premiered Cantus Gestualis #Introitus, at Grec Festival Barcelona, a piece in which we deepen in the image of pain working with two elderly women from Barcelona. 


Some venues and festivals with whom we have collaborated are Centro Conde Duque Madrid, Teatre Lliure Barcelona, Festival Grec Barcelona, BE Festival Birmingham, Graner creation centre for dance and live art, CAMPO Ghent, TNT Festival Terrassa & Sala Hiroshima Barcelona. 

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