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«Fire is in our heads» (Demons, Dostoyevsky)

We have not all witnessed a fire with our own eyes, but we all have a direct experience with it, whether through other acquaintances, the experience of seeing a burnt forest - which is devastating - on television (where fires are increasing barbaricly in summer), films, fantasies or writings. Fire is part of the collective imagination.


Furthermore, man has a primitive link to fire, a relationship that dates back to thousands of years, when Homo Erectus was finally able to “control it”.


In Incendis (Fires), we will investigate practically the figure of the fire, understanding this as something that is inherent to all humans, that we share as humanity. Our intention for this project is to work, on the one hand, as the figure of fire (and fire) at its multiple levels (historic, emotional, documentary, artistic, ...), in addition to documenting multiple experiences of citizens from different parts of the territory (who have direct or indirect experience with them) and then to propose an installation device that reproduces, in a completely fictional way, a great fire in the forest.

Direction: Nico Jongen
Art direction: Carmen Triñanes

Lights: Montse Piñeiro
Production direction: Laura Viñals

Acknowledgments: Bram Coeman, Gemma Carbó, Toni Costa, Maria Dolors Pedrós Miguel, Salvador Pedrós Miguel, Montse Pelfort, Jordi Romero, Simon de Vos.

Coproduced by Fira Tarrega Festival, Azkuna Zentroa Bilbao & Ça marche

Ça marche is resident artist at Nau Ivanow and Associated artist at Azkuna Zentroa.

With the support of BUDA Kortrijk & Lieux Publics Marseille





09.05-07. 2023   -  Fira Tarrega Festival, Tarrega (CAT)

DSC06501-Montse Piñeiro.ARW
DSC06496-Montse Piñeiro.ARW
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