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Los figurantes is a piece for an adult audience in which a group of four and five-year-old children play for an hour, without knowing that an audience is watching them from the stalls, on the other side of a tulle.


Los figurantes is an observation machine. It reproduces the filters of an adult perspective that, invariably biased by guilt and desire, eyes childhood as the most projective, the most delusional and ultimately the most enigmatic, and perhaps darkest, of spectacles. 


In this love story in which an entire audience of adults yearns to see themselves, the children are mere extras. Instead, the audience are the ogres and bogeymen who, from the darkness, spell out signals, decipher clues and fabricate omens. They are the protagonists, the performers, the profaners. They are the ones who torment the tautology of childhood. 


The new ogres nest in the multitudinous gaze of an adult world, a loving, attentive and scrupulous one that, like Saint Christopher, hopes to save childhood so that childhood can save it from its cynicism. To take care of it, to carry it, and to ultimately destroy it. To passionately send it hurtling towards disaster. In order to become sacred, it is sacrificed. There is no monster more fearsome than a guardian angel. Or is it that monsters are now less fearsome than well-intentioned guardians?

In this project, we aim to work for 3 days with a group of four and five-year-old children based on play. During these workshops, we propose a series of tools that our performers can use to understand the device (free play), while at the same time making sure that they feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. At the end of this short rehearsal period, we would then perform the piece.

Direction & autorship: Nico Jongen
Performers: a group of extras accompanied by Adrià Ardilla
Space & lights: Marc Salicrú

Space & lights assistant: Júlia Bauer

Music and sound design: Aurora Bauzà
Costume design and manufacture: Mariona Signes

Dramaturgy: Roberto Fratini
Movement accompaniment: Joaquín Collado
Production: Laura Viñals

Photography: Sílvia Poch & Jordi Soler

Coproduced by TNT Festival (Terrassa), Centro Conde Duque Madrid, Teatre Lliure Barcelona, Beca Despertalab Fellowship '21 - Nau Ivanow.

With the support of





05.30-06.02. 2023   -  Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels (BEL)

05.06. 2023             -  Centro Conde Duque, Madrid (ES)

01.24-25. 2023       -   Festival Santiago Off, Santiago de Chile (CL)

10-13. 02. 2022       -  Teatre Lliure, Barcelona (ES)

02. 10. 2021            -   Festival TNT, Terrassa (ES)

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